The Best Beaches on Bonaire

Best Beaches on Bonaire

Bonaire’s beaches are plentiful, so do not believe anyone who will tell you that there aren’t any on the island! Though they aren’t the most gorgeous of the Caribbean (hello Anguilla), they are pretty and ideal for snorkeling. Bonaire being a coral reef, the island’s surrounding waters are crystal-clear and a real treat for divers and snorkelers who can enjoy near-perfect visibility. While standing on top of 1000 Steps, we were able to spot two divers swimming back to shore, as well as a turtle feeding on rocks, some 30 meters below! The water’s color was out of this world and had me gasp in awe with every turn we took while driving around the island.

So where are the best beaches on Bonaire?

Most beaches are located on the island’s South coast and are all easily accessible from the road, often identified with their name painted on a rock. However, a few amazing ones are located on Bonaire’s West Coast, which belongs to the Washington Slagbaai National Park. To get there, visitors have to pay a 25US$ fee, which grants them access to the park for a year. Roads are in unpaved and a bit difficult to drive, and the park is extremely vast. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why the park isn’t visited in an island tour, since you have to plan a whole day just for visiting  it. For this reason, we weren’t able to reach Playa Funchi or Boca Slagbaai, two beaches which I hear are absolutely gorgeous. Nonetheless, we managed to visit as many as possible and I must say that this beach bunny was quite impressed with the beauty of the island’s beaches!

Here are, in my opinion, the best beaches on Bonaire:

Sorobon Beach (Lac Bay)

THE most impressive beach on Bonaire, Sorobon is absolutely superb. Located on the island’s East coast, accessible by a bumpy road, the Lac nature reserve is a lagoon made of warm shallow waters of an impossibly pretty aqua color,  the kind you’ve never seen anywhere else. You can walk for hundreds of meters without the water being more than waist-high. Gentle trade winds make Sorobon a prime windsurfing spot, adding to the surreal look of the place. Simply put: this beach is breathtaking!

Sorobon Lac Bay Beach Bonaire

Sorobon Lac Bay Beach Bonaire

Sorobon Lac Bay Beach Bonaire

Bachelors Beach

Bachelors Beach is a thin strip of sand known to divers for its easy access to the coral reef. Down a 10-foot cliff providing a feeling of seclusion, this tiny beach on the island’s South coast was my second favourite beach after Sorobon but my favourite place to swim, with soft white sand, gentle waves and a beautiful view.

Bachelors Beach Bonaire

Bachelors Beach Bonaire

1000 Steps

1000 Steps is a dramatically-set cove surrounded by limestone cliffs offering onlookers an amazing view of the reef from above. Despite its name, the access to 1000 steps beach is actually 67 steps downwards to a stretch of sand and bleached coral fragments from which to swim or snorkel. This beach is a incontournable spot in a visit to the island.

1000 Steps Beach Bonaire

Eden Beach

Eden beach belongs to the Eden Beach resort. You can laze the day away on the comfy sunbeds or grab a snack at the Spice restaurant. Though crowded, the beach is quite nice with plenty of palm trees, and is a great snorkelling spot. This is also where the water taxi for Klein Bonaire (a tiny island off Bonaire’s coast, surrounded by a white sand beach) departs from.

Eden Beach Bonaire

Eden Beach Bonaire

Te Amo Beach

Located near Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport, Te Amo Beach offers fantastic views of Kralendijk, the island’s capital. The water here is incredibly turquoise and clear, making for great snorkelling to observe the coral reef, full of fish and other sea life (we saw a ton of colorful parrot fish while we were there).

Te Amo Beach Bonaire

Te Amo Beach Bonaire

The absence of any real tides on Bonaire and the fact that the island is a coral reef makes for ideal water conditions for almost everyone, from avid snorkellers or divers who want undisturbed sea floors, to families with small children just learning to swim, or novice to expert level wind- and kite-surfers wanting to catch the breeze. Rarely have I seen waters so clear and turquoise thanks to the white coral sands. I urge you to discover the many gorgeous beaches Bonaire has to offer!


Have you visited Bonaire? How did you find the island’s beaches? Leave a comment below with your favourite ones!



Many many thanks to Bonaire Tourism and Roadrunner Bonaire for showing us around your fabulous island. All opinions are my own.

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  • Reply March 22, 2016


    I went to Bonaire 2014 and was staggered at the beauty of this coral jewel , my fav .beach from what I saw has to be 1000 steps beach ,I did not get to see all the coast line but I am totally smitten by this wonderful island and wish with all my heart I could go back !

    • Reply April 3, 2016


      Oh, so true Janie! 1000 Steps is so impressive! Bonaire is such a wonderful island. I hope you’ll go back!

  • Reply April 1, 2016

    Sara Broers

    Absolutely stunning! The water speaks for the awesomeness of the beaches.

    • Reply April 3, 2016


      Oh yes, the water was out of this world! Thanks 🙂

  • Reply April 7, 2016


    Those waters are so inviting. Thanks for sharing. I have been to Bonaire once, and we can’t wait to return — again and again.

    • Reply April 8, 2016


      So true. Glad to know you love Bonaire too! I hope you’ll return there soon.

  • Reply July 23, 2016

    Buena Montero

    Thank you!!! I missed Scuba diving and this place looks perfect!!!

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