Las Vegas luxury hotels for 50$ – Hotwire’s Million Dollar Sale

Las Vegas Hotwire

Update: ***This deal is now sold out***


It’s time to start planning your next luxury getaway because Hotwire, the travel discount site, has just announced its amazing Million Dollar Sale, and it’s almost too good to be true!

You want to visit Las Vegas and stay in a luxury hotel without paying luxury prices? I know I do. I’ve never been to Las Vegas but have been wanting to indulge in a luxury getaway to the city for a very long time. This crazy Million Dollar Sale is just the occasion I had been waiting for! 5-star hotels in Las Vegas and the US in general average 318$ per night, as per a new Luxury & Holiday Travel survey. But we can now have access to rooms in 5-star hotels for… 50$/night. FIFTY DOLLARS?! Yes please!!

Las Vegas Hotwire

What’s the catch?!

Hotwire is temporarily dropping their already-low rates by investing $1 million to further offset room costs; the $50 five-star hotel rate for Las Vegas will remain in place until the company has hit the million-dollar spend. So this means that there is no catch. Just head over to Hotwire’s website and see for yourself!

These ridiculously low rates are good for travel between December 8-28, a time of year perfect for a quick getaway, but during which hotel rates are usually prohibitive. If you select these dates, you’ll see the 50$ rooms and you can start booking immediately. Remember that on Hotwire you don’t actually know which hotel you are booking; the website will only give you the details of the property such as location, neighborhood, hotel amenities, star rating and reviews. This allows Hotwire to partner with premium brands who don’t ordinarily offer discount pricing.

Las Vegas Hotwire

How To Book Your $50 Luxury Hotel

In order to take advantage of this amazing deal, head on over to the Hotwire website and search for Las Vegas during the December 8-28 travel window. The results will display all the $50/night rooms available with a short description. Simply pick the dates suitable for you but be aware that the sale is valid based on double occupancy rooms, for a maximum of two nights.


So I suggest you stop reading this right now and head over to Hotwire’s website to book your luxury getaway to Sin City! Will you be taking advantage of this amazing offer? If you do, let me know in the comments below!

-Cath x

This post is sponsored by Hotwire Inc. All opinions are my own.

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