Happy 2-month anniversary, blog!

To celebrate The Go Fever’s 2-month anniversary (and hitting 200 likes – Woot woot!! – on Facebook), here is our Best of 2012 in photos.

Our 2012 travels started in April, when we traveled to Spain (Andalucia & the Costa del Sol), Morocco (Tangier & the Rif Mountains) and Gibraltar, while I was recovering from mononucleosis (!). It was Simon’s 1st time in Europe, and for the both of us, setting foot in Africa was a major item off our travel bucket list. Though short on time, we managed to create a great itinerary that I would recommend. Our favorite places were:

The breathtaking Alhambra in Granada:

IMG_4391Meeting the Barbary apes of Gibraltar (you can see Africa in the distance!):

IMG_6178Tangier’s Kasbah:

IMG_5011In September, we then flew from Montreal to Miami and drove straight to Key West on the famous US Route 1 through the Florida Keys. We returned to Miami’s South Beach to celebrate our 10-year anniversary in a setting we absolutely fell in love with. We cannot wait to go back!

Art deco architecture + chic hotels = paradise:

IMGP8488Literary & tropical Key West:

IMG_6583In November, for our last trip of the year, we traveled to Turkey (Istanbul & Pamukkale) and Jordan, but due to political unrest, a sudden change of plans brought us to Paris instead of Israel where we had originally planned to go… But even with that hiccup, we adored our experience.

The Blue Mosque (and cats EVERYWHERE!):

IMG_0018Petra, a dream come true:

IMG_1328Introducing Simon to Paris:

IMGP91692012 was a year of contrasts, discovery and amazement for us… The Go Fever is very young and we still have plenty of adventures we cannot wait to share with you! What would YOU like to read on this blog? Tips? Itineraries? Our wishlists? Drop us a line on Facebook or in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!

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