Glorious lunch hour at Trilogie, Montréal

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

I work in a remote (read: completely off the grid) part of Montreal. To get to work involves long bus and metro rides, and when people ask isn’t it me who lives far, I tell them that wherever one lives, my workplace is far. Stuck on a congested highway full of impatient, angry drivers, noisy trucks and gigantic potholes, my workplace – the legendary institution called the National Film Board of Canada – is located in an urban desert, stuck between bland car dealerships and concrete overpasses. Sad face.

There are two types of people who work at the NFB: those who commute by public transport, and those who drive their car to work. Those are the ones you need to befriend, as they can actually save you from the dreaded “I forgot-my-lunch-on-my-kitchen-counter-and-I-can’t-stomach-this-cafeteria-food” kind of situation by actually driving you to civilization, where actual food is served in an agreeable setting.

Last year, my Instagram feed filled up with mysterious, pretty photos from Montreal Instagrammer Anita Feng, who I’d been following for a while. It appeared the design student had opened a restaurant to cater to a Montreal business area where restaurants were rare. Opened only for lunch and quite far from the nearest metro station, it was the perfect excuse to ask motorized friends for a lunch date, an epic adventure when one works at the NFB.

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

⋅Trilogie, saveurs asiatiques⋅

The most gorgeous light comes into the minimalist locale and hits the white walls of this charming Chinese eatery, thoughtfully decorated with carefully-chosen objects. We had rushed out of work early to make sure we could find a table and were greeted with warm smiles and a cozy atmosphere. Trilogie is a family affair; sisters and aunts work as waitresses and cooks, respectively, and products come from the family’s grocery store in Chinatown.

The menu is sparse, with excellent savory choices where dumplings steal the show. I chose the umami dumplings -ground pork, napa cabbage and shrimp-, a delicious bowl of fat dumplings that you can order boiled or fried. Big sprigs of coriander and black and white sesame seeds enhance the taste, and you get to choose from an array of homemade dipping sauces. For appetizers, simply try everything! Edamame, hunan wontons, cucumber salad with szechuan chilies… Prices are very affordable and if you’re a party of 3 or 4, you’ll get to taste everything that is on the menu, a real treat for the senses.

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal

Service is quick and friendly. Lunch hour spent at Trilogie is a little bit like stepping into a family’s home; an intimate setting and delicious, homely meals. Also: the restaurant is very instagrammable. I get eye-rolls and snorts (oh, and photobombs too) from my friends every time we go, as I rush to snap bits of the Pinterest décor, but I totally own up to this  Winking Face Emoji (Twitter Version)

Restaurant Trilogie Montréal


Have you eaten at Trilogie? Would you like to try it out? Do these dumplings look absolutely delish?!


Restaurant Trilogie Montréal


8521 Boulevard St-Laurent

Montréal, Québec

Featured image courtesy of Trilogie.


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