Food Trip To… Morocco!

Food Trip To Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating destination for many, many reasons. Some people visit for the sights and the architecture, some to get lost in a centuries-old medina, to shop ’till they drop in the souks, or to indulge in the smells and tastes of one of the world’s most delicious cuisines.

I’m all of these people at once, and have visited Morocco twice already, with a definite intent on visiting again. A veritable sensory overload, this North African country had me annoyed more than once, always testing my limits and my sanity… Morocco is both sublime and difficult, and often times overwhelms all your being.

But if there is one thing that Morocco does well, it’s hospitality. At the end of a tremendously difficult day getting hassled and swindled, being impatient and frustrated, I knew I would find myself in the intimate interior courtyard of my riad, where I could while the hours away drinking Moroccan mint tea and planning tomorrow’s itineraries, before stepping out in the evening for a short walk to Jemma el’Fna, Marrakech’s most mesmerizing place, where I would sit at one of the communal tables and order delicious plate after delicious plate of gorgeous food full of colors, and tasting of a sort of exotic comfort.

Food Trip To Morocco

Now the reason I am rambling on about Morocco all of a sudden is because I recently stumbled upon this amazing company from Montreal called Food Trip To… The destination they are showcasing this month is Morocco, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try their product and to indulge in some of my favourite flavors from the country. So what exactly is Food Trip To…?

Discover the world, one destination each month

The idea is simple yet brilliant: the team behind the project wants to offer tremendous cultural and gourmet moments to share amongst friends and family. This concept actually comes in a box, which you order online. 48 hours later, the box is delivered at your doorstep. Then the fun begins…

Food Trip To Morocco

Each box contains:

– 6 products and 4 recipes to make an authentic meal for 6
– Cultural facts about the destination presented in an entertaining way
– A playlist of typical music to enrich the experience
– A small surprise that the team behind Food Trip To… brought back from their trip

Every 2 months, a new destination is showcased. After Italy, Finland and Brazil, Morocco is now offered in a beautifully-designed box containing carefully chosen products from local Moroccan producers, from Ras-el-hanout spices to moroccan tea to laurel-and-thyme flavored olive oil, and of course, a few surprises!

Food Trip To Morocco

I felt ecstatic when I opened my box and discovered the ingredients on offer. Everything is perfectly thought-of, from the facts cards to the packaging. The recipe cards are as informative as they are pretty, and I couldn’t wait to try all the suggested recipes. A trip to the grocery store later, I was ready to start cooking, and decided on trying Chladet maticha bel hamed el mrakked, a fresh tomato and coriander salad with preserved lemons and perfumed olive oil. But before I could start, I just had to gather some souvenirs brought back from my last trip, to give my kitchen a Moroccan twist.

Food Trip To Morocco

Here’s the final result, displayed in the beautiful Moroccan plate a restaurant owner generously offered us in Fès, just before we got lost in the medina, carrying our couscous back to our riad.

Food Trip To Morocco

So, how about a food trip to Morocco? Do you feel like experiencing the tastes of Morocco? Would you like to try the Food Trip To… boxes?

Eat. Travel. Share.


I was offered a box from the great Food Trip To… team, merci beaucoup! All opinions are my own.


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