At last! 2013, my travel year in review

To celebrate my birthday this week, I thought I’d give you my recap of the last year… Here we go:

3 trips, 4 continents, 7 countries (and special administrative regions), 17 cities, 15 flights, 7786 photos

2013 was a good travel year, though I could have used a few more trips and wouldn’t have complained. As a part-time traveler, I’m not always on the road, but am certainly always thinking about going away… I cannot possibly be objective about my travel year; I wish I had traveled more, more frequently and further, but I feel that this will always be the case, that no matter how many trips I take in a year, I will always thrive for more.

But as 2013 slowly fades away and 2014 unfolds, I feel priviliged to have seen places so spectacular and that have made such a great impression on me. I am grateful for the memories, and cannot wait to get back on the road to collect more!

Here is a small recap’ of our travel year…

2013 started off slow with us stuck in Montreal for the coldest months. Having started a new job, it was impossible to set off earlier than Spring, but then April came and with it, a major milestone: our first trip to ASIA! I had a lot of fun planning this trip, and even though we knew we’d probably end up having not enough time to see everything, we simply had to do it… so we booked a crazy itinerary for our FIRST TIME IN ASIA!

IMG_0347From Montreal, we flew to Hong Kong for 5 days of I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-Hong-Kong haze. It lived up to our expectations and completely blew our minds. Then, and after a brief visit to Macau, the weather worsened and we were ready to continue on our trip but the thing with Hong Kong is that once you’ve left, you just want to go back.

IMG_0353We then flew to Taipei, Taiwan for the 2 shortest days I have ever experienced (really not enough time to down more bubble teas than a normal human being possibly could). We walked the city day and night, ate delicious food and saw pandas, but it was all gone in a flash and we do regret not having stayed longer. We’ll go back for sure.

IMG_0357From Taipei, we flew to Tokyo (and Kyoto), Japan for 6 days of incomprenhensible situations, food galore and Rilakkuma overdose.

IMG_0355We came back from this epic trip exhausted, eager for more, and as the plane landed in Montreal we were already planning our next Asian adventures.

In June, I went crazy and booked us a 5-day all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica to celebrate Simon’s 30th birthday, and it was absolutely fantastic. From jerk chicken to the warmest of waters, we spent some exquisite time on our 16th Caribbean island and indulged in the best the the country had to offer. It was bliss.

IMG_0349In November, after a long debate, we decided to head back to Morocco to visit the Imperial Cities, Chefchaouen and Essaouira. We were both drained, and though amazing, the trip was difficult and it was with relief that we disembarked for a 24 hour sleepover in Amsterdam, which gave us just enough time to fall in love with the city…


IMG_0345Overall, it was a year of running around, trying to catch our breath, and our trips reflected that state of mind. No rest at all, we finished the year as exhausted as we started it, and our main desire for now is to head somewhere warm and sunny, where we can travel slowly and be close to each other. A romantic trip is definetely on the horizon, so keep checking in on us to see what we’re up to.

I created this blog in August and still feel overwhelmed by all I want it to be and how slowly I’m getting to it. I never thought I’d be running after time so much this year, and I wish I could have devoted more hours to my writing. I’ve been all over New Year’s resolutions the past few weeks, and dedicating more time to writing and photography (and hopefully, creativity in general) is high on the list. I want to wish everyone an extraordinary New Year, and here’s to making your dreams come true.

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    Sounds like you had a really exciting year! I would love to visit Morocco one day!

    • Reply June 6, 2014


      It was indeed a great year! Morocco is truly amazing. I hope you go!
      P.S.: The blog has now moved to

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