My Travel bucketlist for 2018

2018 Travel Bucketlist

It’s the time of year for resolutions and with all the mayhem that’s been going on in my life, I feel that resolutions are just too much to ask. I mean, I’m already doing the best I can! However, I’m putting much hope into 2018: it’s going to be an amazing year, full of adventures and discoveries, exploring new destinations and meeting wonderful people ♡.

With my recent first solo trip to Tunisia, I feel like I’m ready to conquer the world and I’m more than ever eager to discover new places. I have a ton of vacation days in stock so I’m actually just waiting on finding the best deal for the best time of the year. Isn’t that the best problem one could have?! I just have to decide on where I want to travel to during the next year! And I promise you, 2018 will be FULL of trips. 2017 was kind of quiet, with only 2 new countries added to my list: Barbados and Tunisia. Let’s make sure I win at life during 2018, shall we?

Here’s my 2018 travel bucketlist!


I’ve been talking about the Indian Ocean forever, and as a die-hard lover of islands, I think it’s about time I explored this region. Ever since I’ve had to cancel my 2016 Seychelles trip, I’ve been day-dreaming of a raincheck. I think 2018 might be the year I finally make it to my ultimate bucket list destination, the Seychelles islands, with a side trip to beautiful Mauritius to make sure I tick some of the best beaches on the planet off the list. *drool*


I’ve been dreaming of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries for so many years now. I haven’t traveled that much to Europe, and haven’t explored the Northern and Eastern parts. With so many crime fiction novels set in the region, I feel like I know the land of these countries by heart, so it’s about time I splurge and head to Scandinavia. A Baltic Sea cruise would be the ideal for me, so I’m currently shopping for the best company that will offer the absolute best itinerary.


Haiti is not considered your typical Caribbean destination. With a history of political unrest and unfortunate act-of-god catastrophies, the country is in desperate need of a tourism boost. I hope to visit Port-au-Prince and Cap Haïtien to meet locals, hear their stories and photograph the island in all its beautiful glory.


A good friend of mine relocated to Santa Monica for work and I’ve been promising to visit. Now that the Broad Museum is open, a combo of art+design+sunny breezy days on the West Coast seems like a wonderful idea. I hope to convince my friend to head to Palm Springs for a week-end so we can photograph ALL THE MID-CENTURY MODERN ARCHITECTURE!


It’s about time I set foot on a new, unexplored continent, and South America might be the one. I’ve been dreaming for years about visiting Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, and I think that 2018 is the year I’m actually going to stop dreaming and start planning. I’m hoping to go in Fevruary, when there is typically 0% chance of rain, so I can soak up the sun on Baru island and aimlessly wander the colorful streets of the colonial port city.


Qatar has become my elusive destination. So many times I was this close to going, and every single time plans wouldn’t work out. Will 2018 be the year?!


With beaches to die for, this remote paradise has been calling my name, a bit like the Philippines’ Palawan. It’s about time I set foot on some of Asia‘s islands and beaches…


Ha! It figures. I’ll hop on any plane that will take me to unexplored destinations. At this point I’m open to any and all suggestions. I can say yes to virtually anything. So… where will my 2018 travels take me?

Hopefully, anywhere near the sea. As my Instagram‘s #bestnine has proven, my beach+ocean photos are the most popular!

2018 travel bucketlist

So here’s to a year 2018 full of wonderful discoveries🍦✈ 📷👙🌴!

-Cath x


  • Reply January 9, 2018

    Ryan Biddulph

    Definitely hit up Qatar if you can Catherine. Super fascinating place. We did a month long house sit in Doha about 1 year ago, in February. The culture is unlike anywhere I have been, being a Muslim land. The opulence is stunning. I have never seen more top end super cars and yachts in my life!


  • Reply January 14, 2018

    Chris Boothman

    Great collection of “bucket list” destinations for 2018! I can certainly vouch for the Baltic states because we had an awesome experience visiting them in November. It was a fast and furious trip but so much history in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Recommend hopping on the ferry to get from Tallinn to Helsinki also for a cool experience. If you opt for an alternative method of transportation to get between these nations, we can highly recommend Lux Express, a luxury bus service that you can get from one country to another for like 5 Euros!

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