We’re going to Morocco!!

Big news: we have chosen Morocco as our next destination for our upcoming vacation in November!

IMG_4935I have a personal history with Morocco, and you’ll soon be able to read about it on this blog in my most personal post yet. But I feel I’m ready to explore the country and let it seep in. Simon adored his visit when we went to Tangier a year and a half ago, and we both cannot wait to go back.

So what’s on the program for this upcoming trip?

You’ll soon find out about our itinerary, but for now, here is a list of all the things we want to include (and have plenty of) during our trip:

Mint tea!

Moorish architecture!

Sahara desert!

Calls to prayer!


Couscous, harira and tajines!

Souks and haggling!

Beautiful, friendly people!

Colors and photo ops!

Plenty of literature and film references!

Riads, palaces, gardens, mosques and medinas!

IMG_5002The year 2013 having set us back a great deal in our travel budget (darn you Simon for turning 30!), we were looking for a fairly inexpensive destination with good value for money. We’re hoping to find reasonably-priced accomodation and transportation, but also to splurge a little; my list of hotels I want to try is about as long as my arm. Hello, La Mamounia? Is my room ready?

So on November 13th we’ll be flying to Casablanca to start our 10-day trip. Stay tuned for our itinerary, details on our preparation and basically just us getting more and more excited!

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