Travel Photo Series – Blue Hour at Rockley Beach, Barbados

Rockley Beach Barbados

During my recent trip to Barbados, I stayed at the Accra Beach Hotel on Rockley Beach, located on the island’s South Coast, where the sunsets are spectacular.

I would usually be back from exploring all corners of the island by sunset – and though these were indeed quite stunning, my favorite time of day light-wise has always been blue hour; this twilight time at dusk when the colors of the sea and sky take gorgeous, soft hues.

I would head for one last dip in the ocean, my body unsure of the air and water temperature. I would swim for a few minutes then would just let myself be rocked by the waves coming to shore while looking at the horizon and the sky’s rapidly changing colors.

Every evening, I would see this slim bald man swimming from one end of the beach to the other, tirelessly. On this day, he stopped to greet me and we shared a tranquil moment, talking about the perfection of the scenery, and about this beautiful island. I learned about his whereabouts, his career and his family, and then he bid me farewell and was gone, swimming in long strides, gliding through the waves. It was a nice encounter, one that wasn’t forced, the kind that can only happen during blue hour, where time is suspended.

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