We’re off to the Adriatic!!

The time has come to go on a new adventure! This month, we’re off to explore the Adriatic and I couldn’t be more excited!

The Adriatic Sea and the cities surrounding it have been on my radar for what seems like forever. Since our vacation time for this trip is limited, I had a hard time deciding which countries to include and which ones to put off until later, so I decided to call this trip Part 1 of 2!
We’ll be visiting a few cities in the region, knowing that we’ll most likely be going back next year for a more in-depth visit to the ones we loved most, and to catch up on cities we’ll have to skip this time around. For us full-time workers, vacation time is often limited and we need to make do with the few days we have. But I refused to give in, and chose to go where I really wanted for this upcoming trip, even if it means threading the same path twice… There are worse things in life than rediscovering a destination, no?


So on May 21st we’ll be heading to the Adriatic to start exploring the coastal cities of Kotor (Montenegro), Dubrovnik & Split (Croatia), Venice & Trieste (Italy), and pushing even further to the Ionian Sea to set foot on our first Greek Islands, Corfu and Argostoli (Kefalonia), as part of a cruise with Costa Cruises.

I’ll be posting photos and impressions on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow me there, as well as on Facebook. Expect full coverage of the best of the Adriatic when I get back!


Have you traveled to countries of the Adriatic region? Is the Adriatic Sea on your bucket list? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂



  • Reply May 24, 2015


    Hi! Have been in the region for 2 months and its been great, the highlight of the past year of travel.
    I recognize Perast in the photo above. Tiny town about 30 min from Kotor (which is one of our highlights in the region). Split is great (has been our base) and Dubrovnik spectacular (but a tourist town, fine for a few days but not a place to use as a base).
    If you have a chance Mostar was very interesting and very different. Easy trip from Dubrovnik and worth a few days.
    Have a good time,
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Reply June 3, 2015


      Hi Frank!! Thanks so much for your comment. Just got back and oh my goodness, I fell in love with the region and cannot wait to go back to explore more! Loved Split, Dubrovnik was extraordinary (especially in the early morning before the thousands of tourists), and Kotor was absolutely lovely. Mostar is already on the list for next trip!
      Thanks again for stopping by, and safe travels!

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