We’re off to Bermuda!!

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda Tourism

We’re off to Bermuda!! 


In desperate need of sunshine and turquoise waters, I went totally crazy on and booked us a little luxury getaway to the beautiful island of Bermuda.

This unplanned trip is everything I need in my life right now: times have been hard for me this summer, with personal and professional setbacks. A short week-end to the Bas Saint-Laurent region proved to be healthy… for a week or so. As soon as I got back, my wanderlust was again in full mode. I needed to go and explore! Above all else, I needed to be near the sea.

So what’s on the program? Gorgeous vistas, pink-sand beaches (OMG!), a tropical sea breeze, calypso rhythms, tons of photo opportunities, and exclusive time with my boyfriend on one of the prettiest places on Earth. We’ll be celebrating our anniversary on the island and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting than where we’ll be staying: the luxury Fairmont Southampton resort, located on the island’s spectacular South Coast.

Bermuda Tourism

Source: Bermuda Tourism

We’ll be leaving next week and I’m now in full planning mode: where to eat? what to do? I want to see it all and do it all. Since our time will be short (isn’t it always?), I really want to make the most of it. The good thing is, packing is rather easy: I don’t need much more than a good book, a bikini and my curiosity. Bermuda will do the rest!


Packing for Bermuda

Be sure to follow my trip in full on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll also be posting plenty of posts here when I get back. Until then, have a great week everyone!

Cath x


  • Reply August 31, 2015


    Those look like some fantastic vacations… I’m jealous. Looking forward for your posts.

    • Reply September 2, 2015


      I can’t wait! Thanks for stopping by. More posts to come soon 🙂

  • Reply October 30, 2015

    Julius from Traveltipy

    Amazing place! Would like to go there at least for a week to see this beauty. Maybe once… 🙂

    • Reply October 30, 2015


      I hope you do Julius, you wouldn’t regret it! 😀

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