Travel photo series – Great Bay Beach, St. Maarten

Great Bay Beach St. Maarten

A new installment in my travel photo series – where I post photos that have a special meaning to me and where I try to write a few words of inspiration. In this particular instance – Great Bay Beach on the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten- I find myself transported back to this very special beach, on this very special island. It is a place dear to my heart, where I’ve vacationed on three occasions. I have sojourned more than 5 weeks at the wonderful Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, and it has become one of my favorite places on Earth. With good reason… the views are simply exquisite, and I have spent countless hours looking at the sky change colors, my mood changing with it.


It’s 6 o’clock and the sun is slowly setting over the ocean by the bay. The flying fish has come near the shore, and I lay down my book to watch it jump over the waves a few times before disappearing. We’ve been doing this every evening for the past two weeks, and I’m beginning to feel like home.

The sea breeze is gentle and I’m alone on the beach, except for Simon who’s absorbed by the sun disappearing behind the mountains. The sky turns to a dramatic color palette, with the clouds shaping the horizon.

It has become our ritual: to end the day here, on what has become our beach. There is just something about this island that makes us come back again and again, and something about this beach, its perfect view, that appeals to us so very strongly. I wouldn’t want to be elsewhere. I feel alive and sad and happy and cold and warm. I feel like home.


Have you been to Great Bay Beach? What particular places do you feel most like home?

-Cath x

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