Off to: Quebec’s Bas Saint-Laurent!

Bas St Laurent

I’m off to a new adventure!

I’ll be spending this week-end in the most wonderful, most fabulous of all Quebec regions, the Bas Saint-Laurent. Following the St-Lawrence River, the region of Bas St-Laurent is located where the river expands, to later discharge in the Atlantic Ocean. The place is nicknamed the Bas-du-fleuve (Lower River), but at this point it’s no longer a river, but the sea.

Au programme? Lobster rolls, whales sightings, walking barefoot in puddles, breathing all the sea air and taking long strolls along the coastline. Oh, and the sunsets, the sunsets! There is no other place like BSL for jaw-dropping sunsets.

This Quebec region is particularly dear to my heart, as it is where I used to spend my summers when I was a kid. My mom had always wanted to have a sea house, and both my parents had fell in love with the place. My most treasured memories were made there and I can’t wait to share more about that here on the blog, in the hopes of making you all as well fall in love with this beautiful region.

Bas St Laurent


So if you’re planning a trip to Quebec or Canada this summer, I urge you to put Bas Saint-Laurent on your itinerary. You’ll end up thanking me while making plans to go back ASAP.

You can follow my trip on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. As soon as I get back, I’ll be sharing here my complete itinerary, some good spots where to eat and stay, and of course, a ton of photos from the region with some personal anecdotes. Stay tuned!

Catherine x


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  • Reply October 22, 2015


    We spent our summer in Montreal last year and loved it: the city, the mountains, all made for a really great trip! I had no idea Bas Saint-Laurent even existed: clearly, one more reason to go back, thanks for sharing!

    • Reply October 26, 2015


      Oh Marta, you absolutely need to come back and discover this region that follows the river until it becomes the ocean. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’m glad you liked Montreal! Do let me know if/when you come back 🙂

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